About Crave Press-The One-Stop Solution For Serious Authors

About Us
Get your book published and distributed with Crave Press, the one-stop solution for serious authors. Our distribution network makes your book available to tens of thousand of bookstores and bookseller outlets throughout North American and internationally. Our expert staff includes editors, graphic artists, wholesale and distribution coordinators, and publicity professionals.
Working with us is simple. If your manuscript is acceptable and meets our publishing criteria, we will publish it and bring it to the retail market for zero out of pocket expense. Crave Press accepts the entire financial burden of bringing your work to press. How can we do this? Because our publishing agreement establishes a fair and equal distribution of net sale proceeds. We work hard so we're both successful.
Equally important is the fact that all of our publishing arrangements specify that you, the author, indefinitely control and own 100% percent of your manuscript. All copyright to your book remains with you forever. Our commitment is to, edit, design, print, and distribute your book. Ultimately, our goal is to help you sell your book.
The First Step
The first step in getting published is to contact us.  Let’s have a discussion about your manuscript including the genre, the plot, your target audience, and your motivation behind writing it.  This will help us determine whether it is the type of work that we would like to take a closer look at and review for possible publication.
If we determine we want to review your manuscript, we will ask you to submit a digital copy to us. It will be evaluated as soon as possible, and you will be informed of the results after the review is complete.


All types of books and all genres (except children's books) are welcomed at Crave Press. Each manuscript will be reviewed based on criteria that we consider to be key qualities in books that we’re willing to publish. 

Those key qualities include originality and continuity of storyline, consistency and depth of character development, and length/word count just to name a few.