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Marilyn Minter Wolgemuth
According to Marilyn, after reviewing all of her journals she kept during nursing school, “This book just begged to be written!” She adds that the vignettes tell of her struggles with the rigorous nursing program and, “Graphically portray the way professional nurses were educated in 1950-1953.”  She graduated from Dickinson County Community High School, Chapman, Kan., in 1948 and went on to earn an associate degree in science at Messiah College, Grantham, Pa., in 1950. She graduated from Lancaster General Hospital School of Nursing (now Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences), Lancaster, Pa., in 1953 with her registered nursing diploma. Wolgemuth then went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in psychology and counseling from Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, Texas, in 1981.
Bedpans and Backrubs: The Trials and Joys of a Student Nurse (1950-1953) 

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